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Environmentally Friendly  

Slip Hazards SOLVED.....       

Waxing and Stripping ELIMINATED......                       

For your VCT, Vinyl, Linoleum, and Hardwood Floors

Welcome to the Premier Floor coating for the World


Invented and patented in 1997 WearMax Floor Coatings has been "green" before green was in.

WearMax products have always exceeded environmental requirements for VOC content. That's because they are all water based products.

WearMax Professional Coatings offer the highest wear and stain resistance of any product ever developed for site application. That's because WearMax Professional and only WearMax Professional has ceramic compounds - the same class of super solids created through the advanced material formulations that meet even the extreme demands of the NASA space program.

Precisely controlled, highly uniform micro-structure compounds give these ceramic particles incredibly resistance to wear. An Ideal compound for a wide range of products like industrial cutting tools, human joint replacements, bullet proof vests, and crystal clear coatings for aircraft windshields and NOW floors.

WearMax has a proven record of excellence :

  • Lowest in VOC's (under 125ppl)                                                    
  • Longevity
  • Stain Resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Wear Resistance (written 2 and 3 year warranties)         
  • Slip Resistance (Cof 0.90 dry and 0.65 wet)
  • Low Maintenance (water cleanup)
  • Stands up to high alcohol content Hand Cleaners.

To determine the savings on your own, please download our savings calculator and enter the information about your current maintenance costs. Please include labor and materials costs to get an accurate calculation. 


WearMax recommends some general maintenance guidelines. However, every environment is different, and we encourage all of our users to call for individual maintenance recommendations that may better suit your needs.

  • Use quality walk off mats in entry ways or areas where a grease build up may occur. This may also help to prevent grit from damaging your floor.
  • Use felt furniture rests on all furniture. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the furniture, the wider the furniture protector should be. Felt rests are your best choice. replace them every 4-6 months for best results.
  • Use a neutral cleaner that does not leave a film, with a micro fiber mob pad
  • Avoid sharp objects such as stiletto heels, pet nails, or unprotected furniture legs. all wood will dent and all finishes will scratch.

Your New WearMax Finish is Easy to Keep Clean:

 Wood Floor cleaning instructions:

  • Blot Up spills and spots immediately
  • Dust mop the floor to minimize abrasive grit and dirt at least three times per week
  • DO NOT apply anything to the dust mop
  • Occasionally wipe the floor with a dampened micro fiber mop such as a swiffer
  • The less water, the better
  • The more use your floor gets, the more often, but at least once a week
  • Periodically clean the floor with a neutral cleaner for ceramic-based finishes, (Note: neutral cleaners do not leave a film.)
  • Do not use wax, polish or abrasive cleaners, steel wool or scouring powder, vinegar, ammonia, or anything other than soft water.


VCT cleaning instructions for large public facilities:

  1. Blot Up spills and spots immediately
  2. Dust floors daily with a micro fiber mop spritzed with water to minimize abrasive grit and dirt daily.
  3. When cleaning with walk behind or riding floor scrubbers equipped with a white scrub pad or brush, fill tank with soft water and go.
  4. In facilities that use quaternary disinfectants, sanitize as mandated.
  5. As qua ternaries (quads) can build up by mandated sanitizing solutions which attract dirt and dust and turn floors yellow, (a noticeable buildup can occur approximately every 30- 90 days). To remove these quads, flush your cleaning machines tank thoroughly of these sanitizing solutions with water. A solution of a neutral cleaner such as Emerge by FranMar should be mixed as directed and applied to remove this film. (Note: quality neutral cleaners do not leave a film.
  6. Resume the above outlined cleaning procedures.


Call us today and find out more. 1877-WEARMAX      877-932-7629

Manufacturer: KraGil Inc.

128 South Washington Street, St. Croix Falls  Wisconsin 54024