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Diakoniewerk Diakonissen-Krankenhaus Linz
Pematex Handels GmbH A-4020 Linz

For attn. Mr Hehenberger Wissenwolff Str. 15
Finkengang 53 Phone: + 43 732/7675 - 250
A-4040 Linz/Puchenau Fax: + 43 732/782079

March 7th 2003

Regarding: WearMax Professional Ceramic Finish In August 2002 we decided to have WearMax Ceramic Finish applied on several areas of the Linoleum Floors, within our facilities, because of the reasons we were facing in the past.:

  • Stains on regular Coatings caused by disinfectants
  • Scratches, Wear patterns and poor optical appearance of our Floors
  • Poor cleaning properties caused by scratches and Wear patterns (various Cleaners were required)
  • Frequent polishing was required to keep the Floors in somewhat acceptable shape.

We have been looking for a durable, long lasting protection of our floors for a long time already, that would not require frequent stripping, recoating and interfere with our daily business, by shutting down certain areas to have them recoated. For a test we had 3 Patient Rooms and a highly frequented hall way coated with WearMax. After eight months of experience with WearMax we are willing to testify, that we cannot observe any kind of damage to the floor within the test area. Stains caused by disinfectants are history. Our cleaning personal responds absolutely positive about the easy cleaning and maintaining of the entire WearMax area. As a matter of fact the substrate was in such awful shape that we considered it’s complete replacement, what is not necessary anymore, because we have achieved an excellent optical appearance of our old Floors with obviously excellent durability. We are more than satisfied with test results and looking forward to have all of our Linoleum Floors (app. 32 000 sq.ft.) treated with WearMax Professional Ceramic Finish.

Sincerely ,

Doris Kollar Berthold Tauber
Manager of Housekeeping Hygiene Manager