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Pematex Handels GmbH

For attn. Mr. Hehenberger Salzburger Str. 286
                                                                                                            Litronic Mechatronic Systems GmbH
                                                                                                              A-4060 Leonding Finkengang 53

                                                                                                              4048 Linz/Puchenau
Phone: + 43/732/372999-0
Fax: + 43/732/372999-20

Dear Mr. Hehenberger,

In May 2003 setting up and equipping our new battery workshop, we decided to have the floor of the shop coated with WearMax Professional Ceramic Finish for the following reasons:

  • Superior Chemical Resistance (especially against spills of hot solder)
  • Superior Slip Resistance (Safety Hazard, caused by the high level of foot traffic)

After WearMax Professional Ceramic Finish has been installed for almost 1 year, I can simply recommend this product for everybody. I have got excellent response from our technicians concerning the durability and chemical resistance of our floor, as well as from our maintenance and cleaning stuff concerning the cleaning properties. Especially scuffmarks, a major problem in the past, are history now, because they are really easy to remove.

Litronic mechatronic Systems GmbH
Szegedi Hermann
Ing. Dipl.-Ing.(FH)
Managing Director